YouTube Shows

A YouTube show is an episodic or consistently themed web series consisting of a cast along with one or various topics, styles, and/or storylines. A viewer can subscribe directly to a show as opposed to an entire channel. 

All episodes in a show are created by a single partner, organized into seasons and delivered consistently. Episodes may be ad-supported, purchased by rental or not monetized at all.

Does my channel qualify for the Shows feature?

The Shows feature is in limited release to partners. For examples of current shows, please visit

The YouTube Shows feature is only available to select YouTube partners. Partners who have been approved for this feature have presented us with examples of web series that 

  • have thematic consistency,
  • have a consistent cast, topic, style, and/or stroryline,
  • are episodic, 
  • and have the ability to be segmented into seasons.

Why can't I create a new show?

We are in the process of more deeply integrating the Shows feature with other parts of YouTube, such as channels and playlists. The new series playlist feature is a great way to organize your episodic content moving forward.


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