Monetization is disabled for my channel

There are several reasons why monetization might be disabled for your YouTube channel.

Account Status

If you receive multiple Community Guidelines strikes, copyright strikes, and/or worldwide Content ID blocks, you may lose the ability to monetize your videos on all the accounts linked to your AdSense account. All of your accounts must be in good standing to regain monetization after six months. Note that account monetization may still be disabled if you delete the blocked videos.

You may check the Features section of your YouTube account for specific information regarding your account status. Please refer to our Policy and Safety Hub and Copyright Center to learn how to keep your account in good standing and manage your content on YouTube.

Commercial use rights

YouTube may also disable monetization if you do not provide adequate documentation proving that you own all the necessary commercial use rights to all visual and audio elements in your video(s).

Moreover, you may not be able to use your AdSense account with any other YouTube accounts.

AdSense status

If your AdSense account has been disabled for invalid click activity or other reasons, you cannot participate in account monetization. If your account is reinstated by AdSense, monetization will be restored within a few days.

Please note that we reserve the right to make the final determination on whether to enable or disable monetization. Feel free to refer to our Copyright Tips as well as our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines for more information. Also note that we are not able to make payments for channels with monetization suspended.