Monetization is disabled for my channel

To check the status of monetization on your channel, you can refer to the Status and features section while signed into your YouTube account. There are several reasons why monetization might be disabled for your YouTube account, such as multiple videos with  Community Guidelines strikes, copyright strikes, and/or worldwide Content ID blocks, attempted monetization of ineligible videos, or violations of AdSense Program Policies. These reasons may all result in suspension of payments.

Multiple strikes and/or worldwide blocks

If you receive multiple Community Guidelines strikes, copyright strikes, and/or worldwide Content ID blocks, you may lose the ability to monetize your videos on all related accounts. You can check your strikes in the Status and features section of your account. To check worldwide Content ID blocks, go to Copyright Notices section of your Video Manager. In order to regain monetization after six months, all of your accounts must be in good standing. Note that account monetization may still be disabled if you delete the blocked videos.

Please refer to our Policy and Safety Hub and Copyright Center to learn how to keep your account in good standing and manage your content on YouTube.

Monetization rejected

YouTube may also disable monetization if your videos have been reviewed and have not been approved for monetization (). Repeated submission of ineligible videos and/or inadequate proof that you own the necessary commercial use rights to all visual and audio elements in your video(s) within the allotted time period may affect your account’s monetization status.

Invalid Click Activity

Partners found in violation of Google’s AdSense program policies, such as invalid click activity, will have monetization temporarily suspended for 30 days.

Severe violations may result in monetization being permanently disabled immediately without a 30 day suspension. Should you decide to appeal your disabled account, please provide as much information as possible to help understand your traffic. Note if your channel is managed by a multi-channel network, please contact them to see if you are eligible for an appeal. Please also note that if your appeal is approved, monetization may be restored on your YouTube account(s) within a few days, and you can enable monetization options on videos in bulk through the Video Manager.

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