Editing your uploaded videos

It is now possible to edit your videos and fine tune the results directly from the Watch page! YouTube Video Editing takes tools from the YouTube Video Editor and brings them to the Watch page allowing you to either enhance your eligible videos* while maintaining the video’s ID, or save a new copy creating an entirely new video with your edits (through Save as). Saving changes on your video will allow you to apply Quick Fixes and Effects while retaining your video’s unique URL, view count, comments, etc.

To access YouTube Video Editing:

  1. Log in to your YouTube account
  2. Click your username (located in the top right corner of any page) and select My Videos
  3. On the right of the video you wish to edit, click Edit video

From this view, you can easily shorten your video (Trim), reduce camera shake (Stabilize), turn your video into a black and white film (Black and White effect), and much more.

View our Editor guide for more comprehensive tips on enahncing and editing your uploads.

*Note: In order to be eligible for saving changes on your video through YouTube Video Editing, the video must:

If your video does not meet these conditions, you will not be able to save changes made to your video. You can still choose to Save As creating a new video with a new video URL that will contain the edits, but you will not be able to save changes to the original video.

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