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Favorites report

The Favorites report has been replaced by the Video in playlists report. The metrics "Favorites," "Favorites added," and "Favorites removed" are no longer available. Instead, you can use the Videos in playlists report to see how many of your videos were added to a "Favorites" playlist.

The Favorites report show how many people marked your content as a favorite and how many removed it from their favorites. You can see the cumulative number of favorites over a selected date range and location.

Above the Line chart/Map, click to see Favorites net change, Favorites added, and Favorites removed.

The table at the bottom of the page shows "Total engagement", which aims to help you understand which videos are attracting and engaging the audience the most. "Total engagement" includes the following data:

  • likes, dislikes
  • favorites added and removed
  • shares
  • comments
  • subscribes and unsubscribes

Click any of the video titles in the chart to view the specific report for that video.

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