Traffic sources report

Traffic source and playback location classification was updated on March 2nd 2014 to better reflect mobile traffic and other site changes. For classification details, refer to the information displayed in the reports.

The Traffic sources report shows the various sites and YouTube features through which a viewer found your content. There are many ways people find videos: they search for them on YouTube, click on Suggested Videos thumbnails, or follow links from social networking websites like Twitter or Facebook, etc.

Access the Traffic Sources report by clicking the Traffic Sources section on the left hand menu in YouTube Analytics.

You’ll also find this report on mobile in the YouTube Creator Studio App. Just tap the navigation guide in the upper left corner to open and then select Analytics.

Traffic Sources

For some videos, traffic sources are clickable and doing so will provide you with more detailed data. For example, if you click the YouTube Search traffic source, you will be able to see what search terms people are using to find your video.

Check or uncheck the boxes next to particular sources, such as "Google Search", to include or remove these sources from your report. This will allow you to compare only the traffic sources you care about, or examine a single traffic source more closely.

Learn more about the Traffic Sources report and how you can focus on promoting your videos in the places that drive the greatest number of views and engagement.

Traffic source types

Views from YouTube

These are views from links within YouTube, such as YouTube search results, suggestions on the watch page, subscription modules, views on your channel page, video annotations and more. Here are some of the categories you will find within views from YouTube:
  • YouTube search: Views that come from video result in YouTube search.
  • YouTube suggested video: Views from thumbnails appearing on the side of the page of other videos or on the end screen of a video.
  • YouTube – other features: Views coming from other YouTube features like Masthead playlists or uploads pages.
  • YouTube channel page: Views that came from your channel page.
  • Youtube guide: Views from the various feeds on the YouTube homepage and subscription features. Includes views from the logged in and the logged out homepage.
  • YouTube playlist: Views coming from a playlist. This can be a playlist you created yourself or another person’s playlist which included one of your videos.

Other views

Views resulting from links outside of YouTube, such as Google search, Facebook, and other websites.

  • Unknown - direct: These are views of unknown referrer on mobile apps, external websites, as well as direct traffic on the YouTube watch and channel pages for the selected date range and region. Other possible origins of direct traffic include email and instant messaging clients or, copying and pasting a URL into the browser.
  • Unknown - embedded player: Views from videos embedded on other websites. In this report it’s not possible to see which sites are embedding your videos, to get this information for individual videos, visit the Playback locations report. 

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