Playback locations report

The Playback Locations report shows the page, site, or device that the video was viewed on.

Access the Playback Locations report by clicking on the Playback locations section on the left hand menu in YouTube Analytics.

Here are some details about the different types of Playback locations that you might see in the report.

  • YouTube watch page: This means that the video was watched on YouTube from the video's specific page. It is the precise address for the video where you can watch the video on YouTube (e.g.
  • The YouTube Channel Page: Views directly on a channel page (e.g.
  • YouTube other: Certain browsers and players do not allow us to detect in detail where on YouTube the content was viewed. It's likely that the majority of these views happened on the YouTube watch page.
  • Embedded players on other websites: This shows how many people viewed your video when it was embedded on another website, like a blog. Click on the link to drill down to a breakdown of views across the various sites that have embedded your video.
  • External apps: Views from various Android apps that embed the YouTube player.
  • Mobile devices: Views on mobile applications (e.g. iPhone, Android) and YouTube’s mobile site ( This category will only show data until September 9th 2013.
Starting September 10th 2013, the category “Mobile devices” no longer records new views. Going forward, views on YouTube’s mobile site and applications will be categorized as “YouTube watch page” and views on other mobile applications will be displayed under “External apps”. For information on the devices and operating systems people use to watch your videos, please refer to the Devices report.

Playback Locations
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