YouTube's contest policies and guidelines

All contests that are run on YouTube or that use YouTube are subject to the rules below. In addition, your contest cannot be run or conducted in a way that conflicts with our Privacy Policy, Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

YouTube does not allow contests to be run through ad units, but you can engage users in contests through your content on the platform, provided that the contest complies with the rules below.

I. General Restrictions and Requirements:

  1. You are solely responsible for your contest.
  2. Your contest on YouTube must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, including US sanctions.
  3. Your contest cannot infringe upon or encourage the infringement of any third-party rights or participation in any unlawful activity.
  4. You cannot ask the user to give all rights for, or transfer the ownership of, their entry to you.
  5. Your contest must be free to enter (don't forget to check your local lottery laws!).
  6. You and any third party may not manipulate metrics on the YouTube service, including numbers of views, likes, dislikes or subscribers, such that those metrics fail to reflect genuine user engagement with the YouTube service.
  7. You cannot associate or affiliate YouTube with your contest without YouTube's prior written consent. This prohibits, among other things, expressly stating or doing anything that suggests that YouTube is involved with or has endorsed your contest in any way.

II. Your Official Contest Rules:

  1. You must have a set of 'Official Rules' which:
    a. include links to the YouTube Community Guidelines and indicate that entries that don't comply will be disqualified.
    b. state all disclosures required by all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations, including US sanctions.
    c. are wholly compliant and consistent with the YouTube Terms of Service.
  2. Your contest must be conducted and all prizes awarded as outlined in your Official Rules.
  3. You are responsible for your rules and all aspects of your contest administration.
  4. Your rules must clearly state that YouTube is not a sponsor of your contest and require users to release YouTube from any and all liability related to your contest.
  5. You must include a legally compliant privacy notice in your Official Rules which explains how you will use any personal data that you collect for the contest and adhere to that use.

Disclaimer: We are not your lawyers and the information presented here is not legal advice. We provide it for informational purposes and suggest that you seek advice in your jurisdiction for running a contest legally.

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