Sign up for an account on YouTube

If you don't have a Google Account, here's how to get started:

Create a Google Account on your computer

  1. Click Sign in in the upper right corner of YouTube on your computer.
  2. Click Create Account and enter some basic information to create your new Google Acocunt. You'll be asked to create a Google username when signing up. This is your new Gmail email address only - it will not be your public name on YouTube.
  3. Once you're done setting up your Google Account, click Back to YouTube.

On the YouTube Android app

Touch the Menu and go to Sign in. Touch Add account and then go to New to create your Google Account.

On the YouTube iOS app

It isn't currently possible to create a Google Account on the YouTube iOS app. Please visit on your mobile browser to create a Google Account.

On the YouTube mobile web app

Touch the Guide and go to Sign in. Select Create an account.

After you sign up for YouTube, you can take advantage of many YouTube features, including Like, Subscribe, Favorites, Watch Later, and Watch History. YouTube will also be able to personalize video recommendations based on the videos you’ve liked and your subscriptions.

If you'd like to upload your own videos, comment on videos, or create playlists, you can create a Channel.