Change video privacy settings

You can easily change the privacy settings of your videos and manage who has access to viewing.

Privacy settings

  • Public videos and playlists can be seen by and shared with anyone.
  • Private videos and playlists can only be seen by you and the users you choose.
  • Unlisted videos and playlists can be seen and shared by anyone with the link.
Feature Unlisted Private Public
Can share URL Yes No Yes
Can be added to a channel section Yes No Yes
Shows up in search, related videos and recommendations No No Yes
Posted on your channel No No Yes
Shows in Subscriber feed No No Yes

Change video privacy settings

You can manage the privacy settings and control who has access to view this content

YouTube Studio Classic




YouTube Studio beta

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio beta. If you haven't tried the beta, learn more.
  2. Hover over the video that you'd like to edit.
  3. Click on the pencil icon that appears under Visibility.
  4. You can select whether to make the video Public, Private or Unlisted.
Learn more about YouTube Studio beta, the new home for everything creators care about.
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