Create AI-generated content in Shorts with Dream Screen

Note: YouTube is constantly testing new, experimental features. This feature is currently only available to a limited set of creators in certain countries. The limited experiment is intended to ensure we are taking the proper steps to learn and build for any future iterations of the product. Global audiences can use the Shorts as-is to remix them into their own Shorts.

Dream Screen is an experimental AI-generated feature from YouTube that lets you bring your imagination to life. It generates unique images and videos based on text-based prompts that you can easily add as a green screen background to your Short. 

How it works

Note: Currently, you can only enter text prompts in English. 

  1. Open the YouTube app .
  2. Tap Create
  3. From the right menu, tap Green screen .
  4. From the bottom, select  and then create an image or video. 
    • Note: Feature availability may vary based on your location and depending on the stage of the experiment.
  5. Describe the content you would like to generate.
  6. Tap Create preview
  7. Select and post your video: 
    • For images: Choose a generated image and use the image as a green screen background to record over it.
    • For video: Use the generated video as a green screen and record yourself along with it.
  8. Then you can add details to your video, such as description and the privacy settings.
  9. Tap Upload short to publish.

Creating content using Gen AI features on YouTube

  • Describe what you want: Video and images can only be created when English text is entered. Results are based on the details you provide.
  • Keep some things private: Don’t include confidential or personal info or data you don’t want used to improve Google’s products, services, and technologies.
  • Use your discretion: AI-generated content may be inaccurate or inappropriate, or vary in quality. Don’t rely on this feature for medical, legal, financial, or other professional advice.
  • Consider what you publish: You’re responsible for what you create, use, and publish, per YouTube’s Terms of Service. AI-generated content doesn’t reflect YouTube’s views.
  • Share your feedback: This feature is experimental and won’t always get things right. You can always flag when something is offensive, unsafe, or misleading.

Privacy Notice

This Privacy Notice and our Privacy Policy describe how YouTube handles your Dream Screen data. Please read them carefully.

[For EEA/UK/CH: In the European Economic Area and Switzerland, YouTube is provided by Google Ireland Limited; everywhere else, YouTube is provided by Google LLC (each referred to as Google, as applicable).]

Information YouTube collects

YouTube collects your Dream Screen prompts, related content, and your feedback. This data helps us provide, improve, and develop YouTube products and services and machine learning technologies. Data connected with your Google Account will be deleted automatically after 30 days. To help with quality and improve our products, such as the generative machine-learning models that power this tool, human reviewers read, give notes on, and process your prompts and outputs with this tool. We take steps to protect your privacy as part of this process. These steps include disconnecting your prompts and outputs from your Google Account before reviewers see or take notes on them. We also use automated tools to remove personal info, like email addresses and phone numbers. Prompts that are not connected to your Google account will be stored for up to three years. Outputs that are not connected to your Google account will be stored for up to one year. 

How your data is reviewed and used 

To help with quality and improve our products (such as generative machine-learning models that power Dream Screen), human reviewers read, annotate, and process your prompts and related content. Please don’t enter confidential information in your prompts or any data you wouldn’t want a reviewer to see or Google to use to improve our products, services, and machine-learning technologies.

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