Playables on YouTube

Playables are games that can be played at no cost, directly on YouTube.

How to play

Playables can be found on the Playables shelf on the main YouTube Home page or on the new Playables destination page, which can be reached from the Explore menu. We're always adding more games, so be on the lookout for new titles.

Click on any of the game cards to jump into the gameplay. You can also share the game from a card or while playing via the three-dot More  menu.

Playables FAQ

Supported devices and requirements

You don't need any additional hardware, software or downloads for Playables. All you need is the latest version of YouTube, a supported device and to be connected to Wi-Fi or a data plan (data rates may apply).

Playables are currently supported on the following devices:

  • Android
    • YouTube app version: 18.33 and higher
    • Mobile operating systems:
      • Android S and above
      • Android O, P, Q, R (only on 64-bit or high-memory 32-bit devices)
  • iOS
    • YouTube app version: 18.33 and higher
    • Mobile operating systems: iOS 14 and above
  • Desktop web
    • Browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firefox

Playables availability

Currently, Playables is an experimental feature that has been rolled out to selected users in eligible countries/regions. In addition, some users in these areas may not see Playables as discoverable on YouTube, but may still be able to access them through shareable links unique to each game. Our goal is to expand availability in the future.

If you have YouTube Premium and Playables is eligible in your country/region, you can opt in to experimental features by following these steps for early access to Playables.

If you'd prefer to see less Playables, you can demote the Playables shelf or individual Playables by clicking on 'Not interested' in YouTube.

Game progress and saved history

Game progress will be saved automatically and synced across any supported device where you're logged in to your YouTube account

Your saved progress for each game is also stored in YouTube History > Interactions. There is only one save file per game and your game progress won't be used for recommendations. If you delete a game save file, you'll lose all progress for that game across all devices.

Playables history is stored in YouTube History, where it's easy to find games that you played recently. When it's turned on, history allows us to provide relevant game recommendations. You can control your Playables history by deleting or turning off your history. Any games that you play while history is turned off won't show up in YouTube History.  

To change your YouTube History settings

  1. Go to
  2. Click YouTube History and edit as you'd prefer. 

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