Privacy Complaint Process

Every day, people come to YouTube to share videos and engage with each other. We want you to feel safe when you're on YouTube, which is why we encourage you to let us know if videos or comments on the site violate your privacy or sense of safety, including if you have been recorded without your knowledge in private or sensitive circumstances.

We understand that you may not feel comfortable with all content that features you on YouTube, so we've created this process to help you submit a privacy complaint. Please ensure that you are uniquely identifiable within the content you seek to report before proceeding with the Privacy Complaint Process. 

To respect the privacy and memory of deceased users, we consider requests from the closest family members or legal representatives upon verification of the individual’s death.

If someone copies a video that you created or content that you own, you may wish to file a copyright complaint. If you believe the content violates YouTube Community Guidelines, we encourage you to learn how to report inappropriate content.

Contact your local authorities for further assistance if you feel you are in physical danger.


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