Add or edit pronouns for your channel

You can add your pronouns to your channel so that they are displayed on your channel page. You can choose whether to display your pronouns to everyone or only show them to your subscribers.

Pronouns are a critical part of personal identity and expression. Some jurisdictions have laws related to gender expression. Bear your local laws in mind when using this opt-in public feature on YouTube.

If pronouns are not available on your channel page, we're working to expand this feature to more countries/regions and languages.

Note: The pronouns feature is not available for workspace or supervised accounts.

To add or edit your pronouns:

YouTube Android app

  1. Tap your profile picture  and then Your channel .
  2. Under your channel description, tap Edit Edit setting, pencil icon.
  3. Next to Pronouns, tap Edit Edit setting, pencil icon and then Add pronoun .
  4. Begin entering your pronouns and select the ones relevant to you. You can add up to four pronouns.
    1. You can edit your selections by tapping  next to one of your pronouns to remove it.
  5. Select who can view your pronouns: 
    1. Everyone on YouTube, OR 
    2. Only my subscribers 
  6. Tap Save.

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