Enhance your videos with captions

After you’ve edited your video, enhance your videos by adding captions. Make your videos accessible to your viewers with the captions tool. Learn how to automatically transcribe or edit captions for your video.

Note: YouTube Create cannot generate captions for clips longer than 60 seconds.
YouTube Create is available on Android phones that have at least 4G RAM. This app may be available on other devices in the future.

Add captions to your videos

YouTube Create can generate captions  with the tap of a button. To add captions to a video,

  1. Open a project and tap Captions  within the toolbar.
  2. From the Toolbar, select what you’d like to transcribe:
  • All videos adds captions for any speech detected in the original video recording
  • Voiceover adds captions only to voiceovers recorded in the app
  1. From the “Language” menu, select the language used in your voiceover.
  2. Tap Generate.

Edit captions

If caption transcriptions are incorrect, use the editing tool to update the captions shown to your viewers. From an open project in the editing tool,

  1. Select the caption layer generated for your video.
  2. Tap Edit .
  3. From the transcript, tap on the incorrect word.
  4. Type to update text.

Format captions

You can make your captions match the theme of your video by formatting caption text. From an open project in the editing tool,

  1. Select the caption layer in your video.
  2. Tap Style .
  3. Browse the tabs to change the size, font, color, background, format, outline, or shadow.
  4. Tap Done to save changes.

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