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A consistent, sustainable release schedule is critical when building and fulfilling audience expectations and maintaining your well-being.

Get Into an Upload Schedule

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When building an upload schedule, it’s important to review and consider:

  • Frequency: How often do you upload per week/month? Is this frequency sustainable over the long term? Do you have a structure for what comes when? 
  • Consistency: Are you consistent about both your upload and content schedules? Will you link content to specific days of the week? Have you taken any breaks or made changes in the last 6 months?
  • Content Volume: Is there a particular format, series, or content type that you’re producing more of vs. another? Will you upload other content types along with your videos? 

Look at the efficiency of each type of content: 

  • Monetary Cost vs. Return
    Review the monetary cost to produce an individual video and compare it to both the viewership and revenue it generates. RPM is a great metric for tracking revenue.
  • Time to Produce
    It’s also important to think about the time involved to produce one content type vs. another. Is it more important to focus on low-frequency, high-production value content or high-frequency, easy-to-produce content?

Be clear about the goals your uploaded content aims to achieve:

  • Revenue Focused Content will likely focus on advertiser-friendly topics and appeal to high CPM audiences.
  • Subscriber Growth Focused Content will need to introduce your brand and encourage viewers to come back on a consistent basis.
  • Reach Focused Content is likely to be accessible and mass appeal. It can answer common questions, address topical issues, or provide universally understood entertainment.

Board Game Reviews Ep #244: MY LIL' EVERDELL

ProZD’s board game reviews, which he uploads most often, are geared toward a more niche audience.

when your teammates overthink it in a board game

ProZD’s most viewed but less often uploaded videos are low-production, short, horizontal videos that have incredibly broad appeal.

Final considerations:

Are there other elements that you could build into your programming schedule?

  • Notable dates, such as local or global holidays
  • Relevant game releases or movie premieres 
  • Content collaborations 
  • Your vacation or breaks

Remember that your upload schedule doesn’t just have to include video content. Think about how to maintain consistent interaction between video uploads without overwhelming your audience.

  • Shorts
  • Live
  • Community Tab Polls

Once you have considered what content you’ll create to meet your goals and how often, create your upload schedule for the coming weeks or months.

Things to keep in mind

  • While the goal is to schedule your content in advance, different content types and verticals may limit how far ahead you can plan. For example, topical news videos or vlogs.
  • Think through ways to make producing content easier. Consider filming videos in batches whenever possible. 

We recommend

  • Use YouTube tools to automate your uploads. Schedule your videos to allow you the freedom to be consistent with your uploads without feeling tied to your computer or mobile device. 
  • Be sure to review the various upload settings to ensure that the proper features are enabled. This can include Premiere status, ad enablement, and features like Super Chat andSuper Stickers.

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