Tips for dealing with creator burnout

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Being a YouTube creator is not like a typical job. It’s an around-the-clock effort and you’re the boss. Find ways to balance YouTube with your life so that you make time for yourself and don’t burn out.

What is burnout?

What is Creator Burnout? | Master Class #1 ft. Kati Morton

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How to tell if you are burnt out? Try answering these questions:

  1. Do you feel constantly tired or stressed, no matter how much sleep you get? Or struggle to fall asleep?
  2. Do you ever feel resentful of your audience, when they want more from you or ask where you've been?
  3. Do you feel like you’re putting in more work compared to what you’re getting from it?
  4. Do you feel you’re not doing enough?

If your answer to most of these questions is yes, you might be experiencing burnout. But don’t worry, there are simple things you can do:

  • Don’t ignore burnout because it may get worse. Pause and think about how you feel.
  • Write down why you think you got burnt out. It will help you identify the warning signs and act before it happens again!

Prevent burnout

Burnout Prevention | Master Class # 3 ft. Kati Morton

One of the most common reasons for burnout is a lack of boundaries. Think through these different ways of setting boundaries and practice the ones you find most useful:

  • Set physical boundaries between personal and work life. If you have the space, have your own desk that you can use for work.
  • Decide how much time you will spend on tasks like replying to comments.
  • Check-in with yourself at least once every week to see how you’re feeling.
  • Even if it means breaking promises to your fans, give yourself a break. You can tell viewers about your break through a community post. Openly communicating with your audience can make it easier to take a break.

Recover from burnout

Recovering from Creator Burnout | Master Class #2 ft. Kati Morton

Creators often juggle multiple tasks and have busy schedules that afford little free time. Even still, it’s important to find time for yourself to help make it easier to avoid burnout.

  • Take breaks: build in both shorter and longer breaks into your schedule.
    • Take short breaks during work to take a small walk outside or even just stand up and stretch.
    • Take long breaks from work and content creation.
    • Schedule these breaks in your calendar so you can plan around them and avoid feeling guilt for taking time off.
  • Switch it up: be open to inspiration - like music, people, ideas, or art.
    • Reach out to friends and family. To connect with others, join an online community of content creators.
    • Engage with the arts, watch a movie, or go to a museum.
    • To allow for another creative outlet, try changing things up in your channel.
  • Take care: burnout can affect your physical health.
    • Eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly to keep your body healthy.
  • Know your limits: find your symptoms.
    • Notice when you start to feel a little burnt-out. Maybe you get anxious that you have to film another video. Maybe you're frustrated because of a mean comment, or you’re just very tired. Note the signs and symptoms that you experience most, and then notice when you start feeling them again.

We recommend

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  • Think about how far you have come since you started your content creation journey.
  • Set reasonable goals for how much work you want to do each day.
    • Aim for no more than 7 tasks in a day.
    • Break larger projects into smaller steps.
  • Use tools such as calendars, to-do lists, or project management software to stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Plan your shoots to allow for bulk filming and editing to save time.
  • Seek help for tasks that save you time and energy. For example, you could hire someone to help edit, or to help create a logo for your brand.

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