Tips to learn who your viewers are

The Audience tab in YouTube Analytics offers a deep dive into your viewer base. From these charts, you can learn about who’s watching, how often they come to your channel, and where they’re coming from. Knowing your audience can help you plan your content strategy for a more engaged audience.

Take a moment to describe who the average viewer of your content is. Now try to answer these questions:

  • How old are they?
  • What gender do they identify with?
  • Which country or region do they live in?
  • What language do they speak?

In your Audience tab in Analytics you will find the following charts:

Your audience by age


Your audience by gender


Your audience by country or region

Your audience by subtitled language

Compare your answers from above with your charts in the Audience tab:

  • If your answers matched, you know who many of your viewers are.
    • Think about other groups of people you want to reach. What changes can you make to reach them?
  • If your answers did not match, try the following exercise. Using what you have learned about your audience, picture who is sitting across the screen and answer these questions: 
    • Will your videos feel relatable to them? 
    • What life stage are they in, and how is this relevant to your content? 
    • What other interests could they have?

Things to keep in mind

Is my audience right for me?

  • Creators grow over time. As you build your audience and create more consistent videos, you should reevaluate whether you’re reaching the target audience that really inspires you.
  • It’s ok to change your creative direction. You can experiment with something new and then see whether the “right” viewers keep watching. You might see a few viewers drop off, but if these viewers aren’t your ideal demographic, that may not be an issue. From there, consider focusing on what your new demographic likes and try making more of that content.

We recommend

Check in on your demographics every now and then to observe shifts and changes, if any. These changes will help inform your content strategy. 

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