Add and edit audio

After you’ve created a project, enhance your videos using YouTube Create’s editing tools. Give your videos a soundtrack with music from the YouTube Audio Library, or add narration with voiceovers and sound effects.

YouTube Create is available on Android phones that have at least 4G RAM. This app may be available on other devices in the future.

Add music and sound effects

With YouTube Create, you can add royalty-free music to your videos to enhance your work.

To add music to a project,

  1. Tap Sound  within the toolbar.
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the page to filter for music from the Audio Library, sound effects, or music saved to your device. 
  3. Search for a song, or browse by genre.
  4. Tap  to preview or  to add the song or sound to your video.

Record a voiceover

Bring your videos to life with voiceover narrations. To add a voiceover to your video,

  1. Open a project and tap Voiceover  within the toolbar.
  2. Press and hold  to add a voiceover. Repeat to add another voiceover to the same video.
  3. Tap Done to add the recording  to your video.

Edit audio

Use YouTube Create’s audio tools to reduce noise and clean up audio within your videos. To edit audio,

  1. Open a project and tap to select an audio layer you’d like to edit.
  2. Use the toolbar to edit your audio recording:
    • Split : Cut the duration of your audio layer
    • Volume : Use the slider to change the volume of the selected audio
    • Fade : Use the sliders to set timestamps for your audio to fade in and fade out of your video
    • Find beats : Use beat markers to easily edit the song layer in your video
    • Audio cleanup : Remove unwanted noise and enhance the quality of your voice within your recording.
    • Delete : Tap  to remove the audio clip from your video.
  3. Tap Done to save changes.
Note: Audio tracks cannot exceed the length of your video. You can tap and drag the audio clip to trim the length of the recording.

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