Ads on embedded videos

Embedded videos may show In-stream and InVideo overlay ads. Any website or mobile app that embeds videos, including your own website or app, may generate revenue for you.

Enable or disable ads on embedded videos

You will automatically be opted into showing ads on embedded videos if you've associated your YouTube and AdSense accounts and have enabled your videos for embedding.  Note that embedded videos will honor the same ad enablement settings as videos on

If you don't want to show ads on your embedded videos, there is no way to directly disable ads on just embedded videos, however, you may disable your videos for embedding altogether.

Requirements for ads on embedded videos

Ads appear on brand safe sites: YouTube works diligently so that our advertisers' brands appear on sites that reflect our respective core values. Our systems closely evaluate websites and their content against a variety of factors when determining whether to enable In-stream ads on YouTube embeds, including a strict set of guidelines on content like adult imagery, violence, inappropriate and hateful language, and sites that promote third party infringement.

Player details: We require that the video player be large enough in order to promote a positive user experience, therefore we recommend a 560x315 pixel or larger player.  Also, videos should be embedded using the standard click-to-play embed and not a scripted play.  

Revenue sharing for embedded videos

Only YouTube and the video owner will earn revenue from ads on embedded videos; the site owner where the video is embedded will not earn a share. You can track earnings for embedded videos in AdSense, as you would for videos earning revenue on

Note: At this time we are not serving ads on videos that are enabled as 3D videos.

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