Learn about comments that aren’t showing or have been removed

Comments are an important part of building a community on YouTube. But your comments may not show or might get removed. Read this article to learn about some reasons why.

My comment isn’t showing

If you can’t find your comment in Top comments, sort the comments by “Newest first.”

  1. Scroll to the comments.
  2. Click Sort by and then Newest first.
  3. Scroll to find your comment. If your comment doesn’t show in Newest first view, it may have been moderated by the channel or removed for a policy violation.

About Top comments & Members comments

The Top comments view shows what viewers are likely to value and interact with based on various signals, such as the comment text, handle text, channel name text, avatar, viewer, and video.

The Members comments view shows comments from members of a channel, sorted by newest comments first.

Note: Members comments view shows exclusively on Android mobile devices.

Both Top comments and Members comments view may not show content that YouTube detects viewers are not likely to value or interact with. This can include comments that are detected as potentially inappropriate, spam, or impersonation, based on a variety of signals, such as the comment text, commenter channel name text or handle text, avatar, and channel moderation settings. When in Top comments view, top comments from channel members may be made more visible in a dedicated section called ‘Comments by members’.

Learn about comment moderation and removals

Here are a few reasons why your comment might not show:

  • Automatic removal: Our automatic detection systems constantly scan comments to find whether they violate our Community Guidelines. If our system detects that your comment violates our Community Guidelines, then the comment is removed.
Note: Posting large volumes of comments in a short amount of time, repeatedly posting the same comment, sharing links, or excessively using emoji or unusual characters may be detected as spam and removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.
  • Reports: If someone reports your comment and it violates our Community Guidelines, it gets removed.
  • Channel moderation:
    • A channel can hold all comments or potentially inappropriate comments for review. When a channel holds comments for review, a channel owner or moderator has to approve a comment before it’s published. Potentially inappropriate comments are automatically held for channels to review as the default setting.
    • A channel can choose words and phrases that they don’t want to show in their comments. If your comment has a blocked word or phrase, it doesn’t show.
    • A channel can remove your comment.

If you’re a channel owner and comments get removed on your videos, it’s most likely that there were Community Guidelines violations detected in the comments.

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