Getting started with pay-per-view events

DVR (pause, play, rewind)

DVR playback during the Grateful Dead events will only be available during the show. After the events conclude, on-demand recordings will not be available for viewing.

video icon  What is it?

Watching so intently that you forgot the hot dogs have been boiling for 20 minutes? Then this feature is for you! YouTube's DVR feature allows you to pause, rewind, and play from any point in the event. Once you resume playing, the event will start from where you hit pause, so you won't miss a thing.

question icon  How does it work?


  • Pause: Click the pause button when you need to take a break.
  • Play: Once you're ready to begin watching again, click the play button and the event will begin streaming again from where you left off.
  • Seeking: Miss something? Seek back and forth in the event by dragging the scrubber backwards and forwards. You'll see the timestamp change as you move the scrubber around, so you'll know where you are.
  • Live: Ready to get back to the real-time coverage of the event? Just click the Live button, and we'll take you there.
Important things to note:


  • DVR playback will only be available for a limited amount of time after the live event ends. For Ultimate Fighting Championship events, the recording will remain available for 24 hours.
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