Advertiser live streaming

Every cool new community feature on YouTube involves a certain level of trust. Streaming live content is an exciting space that YouTube is entering with some of our most valued partners, but with that comes a degree of accountability. We trust you to be responsible, and millions of our users respect that trust. We've outlined best practices, below, surrounding live stream content on our site, and expect that you will make a best faith effort to comply with these guidelines.

  • Advertiser, promoter and/or production company is responsible for securing and ensuring they have all necessary rights (e.g. public performance, music licensing rights, and other publicity rights) to legally broadcast the live stream on YouTube.
  • There is a 30 second animation limit for live streams running in a homepage masthead. The user can click the ad unit to view the whole live stream within an expanded masthead, or click through to a brand channel or external site. Any exceptions to the 30 second rule need to be approved by the YouTube Policy Team.
  • The audio in a live stream happening in a masthead needs to be user-initiated.
  • Content in live stream must adhere to our Community Guidelines.
  • Promoter and/or producer must make a good faith effort to monitor the live stream under our Community Guidelines, including, among other things:
    • Refrain from content that involves sexually explicit or strongly sexually suggestive material;
    • Refrain from shots of nudity;
    • Refrain from content that involves hate or abusive speech;
    • Refrain from content that involves excessive vulgar and explicit language;
    • Refrain from shots of violent or criminal acts;
    • Refrain from shots of drug use;
    • Refrain from displaying personal information;
  • If any of the above categories describe or may be common occurrences at your event, it may be subject for policy review before we can approve streaming your event.
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