Age Targeting and Ads

YouTube Age Gates:

When a video or brand channel is placed behind a YouTube age gate, either by advertiser choice or as a result of a Community Guidelines violation, only 'of age' users logged-in to our site with a YouTube account can access the content. In some instances, our policies require a video to be age-gated first in order for an advertiser to use it in an ad (e.g., Promoted Videos ad for an alcohol campaign). The YouTube Age Gate is the only option available to age-gating requests at the video watch page level.

Demographic targeting by age for ads:

If our policies or the advertiser requires that an ad be demo-targeted to a certain age demographic, our ad serving technology can demo-target the ad based on the birth date registration data on logged-in user accounts. For example, if content featured in an ad may not be appropriate for a general audience under our policies, we require the ad to be demo-targeted to 18+ users. What this means is that only users logged in to their YouTube account that are at least 18 years old may see this particular ad on our site. Non-logged in users will see a different ad.

Custom-built Age Gates:

YouTube will allow advertisers in the alcohol, gaming and movie verticals to build a custom age gate in a homepage ad or brand channel gadget as these are highly regulated industries where the YouTube age gate may be insufficient in complying with industry regulations (e.g. video game advertisers that need to comply with ESRB guidelines on a mature-rated game). Requests for a custom age gate from these advertisers need to be submitted to the YouTube Ads Policy team for prior approval. Advertisers in all other verticals are required to use the standard YouTube Age Gating features available at the brand channel and video watch page levels.

Ads Targeting Kids:

YouTube is not intended for children under the age of thirteen, and our Terms of Service prohibit use of the YouTube website by those in this age group. For this reason, advertising campaigns can neither be nor appear to be targeted to the under-13 age demographic, and they cannot contain material that is designed to specifically appeal to this age group. This is important not only because of the restriction in our Terms of Service, but also because there are complex regulatory requirements surrounding the online collection of personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13, which apply to advertisers and websites alike.

Our restrictions on ad campaigns targeted to under-13 users apply both to actual demographic targeting and to the nature of the creative used in the campaign. However, we do permit campaigns that are clearly targeted to adults and parents who may be interested in learning about kid-friendly products and services.