Pharmaceuticals and Medicines

Our policies related to the sale and promotion of prescription drugs vary depending on the ad format and where the ad appears on YouTube.

Homepage, Brand Channels and Display Ads.

We do not accept homepage ads, display ads, or brand channels that promote the online or offline sale of pharmaceuticals. We do accept pharmaceutical ads where there is no option for users to purchase the products from the ad or landing page, provided that the ad is clearly branded under the manufacturer's name and it complies with all regulatory and legal guidelines applicable to the advertiser. The ad may not contain any links to any site that provides the online sale of pharmaceuticals.

Please note, pharmaceutical campaigns or programs which meet our policies must still be approved by YouTube Ads Policy prior to running in these locations. Be aware that this approval process may impact timeliness of your campaign.

For pharmaceutical ads run on YouTube through AdWords or AdSense:

All promoted video or text ads must adhere to the AdWords policies around the advertisement or sale of prescription drugs in the country where the ad is targeted. Learn more about AdWords Healthcare and Medicines policy.