Send-to-phone ads

Send-to-phone ads have a field that allows viewers to send themselves info about the ad through text. This process is different from tell-a-friend where the ad encourages the viewer to share the ad with a friend.

  • Ads can only use text messages to send messages to the users themselves.
  • The ad text must say: "send to yourself" and may not say "send to a friend."
  • The text message can’t include user-contributed content.
  • All phone numbers must be erased after the info is sent. They also can only be used to limit the number of messages sent. Advertisers may not store or log this info in any way.
  • The ad must include notice of one-time use in the ad, for example, "Your email address is only used for the purpose of this feature.” Or, the advertiser landing page must link to a privacy policy that explains the service they’re using (like tell-a-friend or data capture services), and how this service collects and uses data.
  • Messages are limited to one referral text to any single phone number per creative.
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