You can send a referral email or voicemail through the ad unit to others for viral campaigns. All of these ads must meet the following criteria:

  • Email addresses and phone numbers may not be used for any other purpose except to share the ad.
  • The ad must include notice of one-time use in the ad:
    • You could include a disclaimer like "Your email address is only used for the purpose of this feature.” 
    • Or, the advertiser landing page must link to a privacy policy that explains the service they’re using (like tell-a-friend or data capture services), and how this service collects and uses data.
  • The ad must include both a 'To' and a 'From' field for the user to fill.
  • The tell-a-friend feature can’t be used in an ad that gives an incentive for sharing the ad with a friend (like a coupon, movie tickets, or cash).
  • The ad backend must include a cap on the number of referrals that can be sent to one email address or phone number from a single ad. This cap is per campaign.

Also, for tell-a-friend email:

  • Email messages must contain a link to, or info about, the ad and the product or service promoted.
  • Email messages must clearly identify both the advertiser and the user who sent the ad. For example, a "To" and "From" field should say 'John Doe, Jane Doe has sent you a message".
  • Email messages must include the advertiser's postal address.
  • All messages that are sent through the advertiser's backend must include an easy-to-understand opt-out method for the receiver of the email that complies with CAN-SPAM regulations.
  • Messages are limited to 3 referral emails per ad to any single email address.

Also, for offline message service:

  • You can send a voicemail to others using an IVR provider.
  • The voicemail must clearly identify both the advertiser and the user who sent the ad.
  • Messages are limited to one referral voicemail per ad to any single phone number.
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