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Learn about how well your Shorts are doing. In YouTube Studio Analytics, go to the Content tab. Here you will see a ‘Shorts’ chip where you will find data on things like views, comments, remixes, and other metrics.

Content Tab in Analytics (Sort by Videos, Shorts, Live or Posts)

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Key metrics

2 New Performance Metrics for Shorts! 📊🤳

The first report that you will see is the key metrics card, which shows the change in important metrics over time. The timeline includes publish dates for your Shorts if viewed on a computer. You can also flip through the numbers to see how their values change over time and around publish dates.




Definition: How many times your Shorts were viewed. This is compared to your Short’s typical performance. Definition: Change in total likes is the difference between the likes and dislikes on your Shorts.
Insight: Over time, this metric can help you spot high-performing Shorts, anticipate seasonal changes, and figure out when to upload new Shorts. Insight: Over time, you can identify patterns in your audience’s changing preferences.



Definition: Change in subscribers compared to your typical performance.
Insight: Over time, this metric can help you understand what causes viewers to subscribe or unsubscribe to your channel.

Shown in feed

Definition: The number of times your Shorts showed in the Shorts feed.
Insight: Over time, this metric can help you understand how your Shorts are performing to optimize your content.

Top Shorts

This is a list of your most popular Shorts sorted by views.

  • Are you seeing a pattern in the Shorts that get the most views? This could give you ideas for new content.
  • Have a Short that viewers love? Look into what you think makes it popular, but avoid comparing each video against a viral hit.

How viewers find your Shorts

This report highlights where audiences are finding your content.


External sites and apps

Of all sources, this lists the most popular. This includes places both external to and within YouTube. From outside YouTube, audiences may be finding you from internet searches, embeds in other sites and so on. Think about your presence on these external sites. Sharing your videos on your other social media platforms can bring viewers back to YouTube.

YouTube search terms

Suggested videos

This lists all the popular terms and words audiences used to find your content. This glimpse into the most commonly searched topics or words can help you consider content ideas. Traffic from suggestions that appear next to or after other videos, and from links in video descriptions.


Traffic from any playlist that included one of your videos. Continue to update and organize your playlists so that viewers can find related videos easily.

Looking through your traffic can help grow your channel:
Which are the top sources for your channel and what does that tell you about your audience?

How many chose to view

This report highlights the percentage of times viewers viewed your Shorts versus swiped away.

Top remixed

This report shows a visual overview of your remix views, total remixes, and top remixed content. Your top remixed content indicates your content’s potential to start a trend or spark creativity. You can filter the report by remix type: Sound, Cut, or Green screen.

  • Remixes let you observe what content has transcended beyond just your community.
  • Pay attention to the Shorts that help inspire creation across the Shorts feed.

Things to keep in mind

  • Watch time (hours) and audience retention are key metrics for understanding audience engagement with your content.
  • When one of your videos performs well, consider what made it stand out and whether you can replicate key elements from that video.
  • When you try something new, pay attention to your audience’s response by reviewing watch time, likes, and comments.

We recommend

  • Look at both content that is performing well and content that isn’t. Observe what the differences are between the two so you can focus on growing and improving your Shorts.
  • Learn from the data but don’t stress over the data. Make sure you are looking at your Shorts analytics to make informed decisions on where to take your content. Don’t sweat the fluctuations, as they are to be expected.
  • Sometimes you need to pivot. If you’re feeling unfulfilled with your current content or your audience isn’t responding to it like they used to, it might be time to consider taking some creative risks.

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