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If you want to grow your YouTube channel, it’s important to know what content your audience is interacting with the most. The Content tab in YouTube Studio Analytics has a chip for ‘Live’. This chip includes reports for how your live streams are performing both during the live and after the stream has ended.

Content Tab in Analytics (Sort by Videos, Shorts, Live or Posts)

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Key metrics

The first report that you will see is the key metrics card, which shows the change in important metrics over time. The timeline includes publish dates for your live streams if viewed on a computer. You can also flip through the numbers to see how their values change over time and around publish dates.



Definition: How many times your content was viewed. This is compared to your videos’ typical performance.

Definition: How many times your video thumbnails were shown to viewers. Includes only impressions on YouTube, not on external sites or apps.

Insight: Over time, this metric can help you spot high-performing videos, anticipate seasonal changes, and decide when to upload new videos.

Insight: This metric can help you understand the reach of your videos.

Impressions click-through rate


Average view duration


Definition: How often viewers watched a video after seeing the thumbnail.

Definition: The average minutes watched per view for the selected content, date range, country/ region, and other filters.

Insight: This metric helps indicate how appealing the thumbnail, title, and video content is to viewers.

Insight: Over time, the amount of time that viewers watch your videos will help show changes in audience interests.

How viewers find your live streams

This report highlights where viewers are finding your content and how they are discovering your channel.



Of all sources, this lists the most popular. This includes places both external to and within YouTube.

From outside YouTube, audiences may be finding you from internet searches, embeds in other sites, and so on.

YouTube search

Suggested videos

This lists all the popular terms and words audiences used to find your content.

Traffic from suggestions that appear next to or after other videos, and from links in video descriptions.


Traffic from any playlist that included one of your videos. These playlists can be your own playlist or another creator's playlist. You can see specific playlists that drove traffic to your videos on the “Traffic source: Playlists” card of the Reach tab.

Look for ideas for new content in the search terms viewers are using to find you.

Top live streams

This is a list of your live streams sorted by views.

  • Do you see any patterns in which streams tend to be more popular?
  • Do you notice changes in popular content at different times of the year?

The reports described here may vary from what you see in Studio. This is because Studio customizes reports for your channel based on your content.

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