Create YouTube Shorts from your videos

Give your long-form videos new life and share them with Shorts viewers by creating Shorts from videos you’ve already uploaded.

Easily turn your Videos into Shorts 🩳

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Shorts you create from your videos are linked back to your original video, giving new viewers a chance to discover your content.

Unlike content remixing, only you can edit your long-form video into a Short.

Create Shorts from your long-form videos

To create a Short from a public video you already uploaded:

  1. Go to the watch page of your video.
  2. Tap Remix and then Edit into a Short to open the Shorts creation experience.
  3. Select up to 60 seconds of your video and then tap Next to add creative touches like text or filters before you upload your Short.

You cannot use music or other sounds from our Audio Library on Shorts you create from your videos. Learn more about creating YouTube Shorts.

Want to record more video?

If you select less than 60 seconds of your video to edit into a Short, you can record more video segments up to 60 seconds. For example, you may select 45 seconds of a long-form video you uploaded and then record 15 seconds of video with the Shorts camera.

To record more video, tap back after you’ve made your selection to enter the Shorts camera and then start recording.

Learn more about creating Shorts with your videos

Why don’t I see the option to edit into a Short?

You can only edit long-form public videos you’ve uploaded into Shorts. Private and unlisted videos, ‘made for kids’ videos, and videos with third-party copyright claims cannot be used with this feature.

If you don’t find the option to edit your video into a Short, be sure that it’s opted in to sampling on YouTube. To allow Shorts sampling on your video:

  1. Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  2. From the left menu, click Content.
  3. Click the video title or thumbnail that you’d like to edit into a Short.
  4. Scroll and then click SHOW MORE.
  5. Scroll to find “Shorts sampling” and then check the box next to “Allow people to sample this content.”
  6. Click SAVE.

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