Reply to comments with your YouTube Shorts

You can reply to comments posted on your channel with Shorts.

Just like text comment replies, Shorts you create as replies will let the commenter know and show up in the comment feed below the original comment.

How to reply to comments with a Short! 📲🩳

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Create Shorts as comment replies

You can use Shorts to reply to comments by responding directly in the comment section or by adding a comment from the Shorts camera.

Reply in the comment section with a Short:

  1. Go to the watch page of your Short or other video.
  2. Find a comment that you want to reply to and then tap Reply
  3. Tap Create to open the Shorts creation experience with the selected comment displayed in a comment sticker.

Create a Short with a comment as a sticker:

  1. Sign in to the YouTube app .
  2. Tap Create  and select Create a Short.
  3. On the right menu, tap More  > Comments.
  4.  Pick the comment sticker to reply to.
    • Tip: You can learn which video the comment is for by tapping More  > See video details. 
  5. Then capture your video.

Once in the creation experience, you can drag to reposition or pinch to resize the comment sticker. You can also use our suite of other creative features. Learn more about creating YouTube Shorts.

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