Upload YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a way for anyone to turn an idea into a chance to connect with new audiences anywhere in the world. Using YouTube’s Shorts creation tools, you can upload a short-form vertical video as a Short.

YouTube Shorts

Upload Shorts

To upload a Short from your device:

  1. Tap Create "" and then Upload a video.
  2. Select a video with a square or vertical aspect ratio:
    • Videos up to 60 seconds will show a trim editor. Drag the sides of the bar to adjust the video’s start and end times. Anything not in the box won’t show in the Short.
    • For videos longer than 60 seconds, tap Edit into a Short to trim your video to 60 seconds or less.
  3. Tap NEXT to go to the editor screen where you can add text, filters, music, or other audio to your Short.
    Note: Audio picked from our library is limited to 15-second clips.
  4. Tap NEXT to add details to your video, such as a title (max 100 characters) and the privacy settings.
    Note: The default video privacy setting for creators aged 13–17 is private. If you’re 18 or older, your default video privacy setting is set to public. Everyone can change this setting to make their video public, private, or unlisted.
  5. Tap Select audience and then “Yes, it’s made for kids" or "No, it’s not made for kids" to choose your audience. Learn more about made for kids.
  6. Tap UPLOAD to publish your Short.

Looking for pointers before uploading your first Short? Check out Shorts upload tips.

If you upload a short video you’ve created elsewhere, make sure that any copyright-protected material you’ve used is approved for your use on YouTube. Using copyright-protected material could lead to you getting a Content ID claim. Also if a copyright owner, artist’s label, or distributor sends us a valid and complete copyright takedown notice against your short video, it may be removed, and you could get a copyright strike.
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