Move YouTube from conflicting account to Google Apps account

This option is only available if you had a conflicting account.

The data moving tool will allow you to move information out of your conflicting account and into a Google Apps account. You can use this tool even if you have already changed the email address of your conflicting account.

Note: Data you move into your Apps account will be subject to the organization's privacy policy, terms, and conditions. Your domain administrator will have access to your YouTube account information. Data will be completely transferred to the Google Apps account.

How to use the data moving tool

  1. Sign into YouTube (on the conflicting account).
  2. Go to your Google Dashboard. A yellow box will appear saying "You can move data out of this account."
  3. Click the link to access the tool.

When you start the process, you’ll get a confirmation email that your data move has begun. You can always check on the status of your data move on Google Dashboard. Closing your browser or shutting down your computer will not impede your data move.

You can check the data move articles in the Google Accounts Help Center to learn more about the tool and troubleshoot any issues.