YouTube Trademark Complaint - Step 2

Please understand YouTube is not in a position to mediate trademark disputes between users and trademark owners. As a result, we strongly encourage trademark owners to resolve their disputes directly with the user who posted the content in question. Contacting the uploader may allow for a quicker resolution to your claim in a way that is beneficial to you, the uploader, and the YouTube community.

Please select how you'd like to proceed with your Trademark complaint:

    checkmark  I wish to contact the uploader using YouTube's private messaging feature.

      (Note, in order to use the private messaging feature, you must have a YouTube account.)

    checkmark  I wish to contact the uploader using an auto-generated email.

      (Note, filling out the form linked above will generate an email to be sent to the uploader.)

    checkmark  I do not wish to attempt resolution with the uploader first.

      (Note, YouTube is willing to perform a limited investigation of reasonable complaints.)