Watch YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts are short-form vertical videos that give you endless opportunities to discover new and interesting content. Each Short is 60 seconds or less, so you’re not too far from what’s next.

The YouTube Shorts player allows you to watch and interact with a never-ending stream of videos in the Shorts Feed.

Watch Shorts on smart TVs & game consoles

Watch YouTube Shorts on your TV

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You can watch Shorts on the YouTube app for most smart TVs, game consoles, and other streaming devices.

Here’s how to use your remote to navigate within the player:

  1. To start or pause the Short, click directly on it.
  2. To find more info about the Short, click right.
  3. To advance to the next Short, scroll or click down.
  4. To return to the previous Short, scroll or click up.

Note that the Shorts player may not work on some devices released before 2019.

Shorts appear on a Shorts shelf on your YouTube homepage, in search results, and on channel pages across YouTube. When you select a Short, it will play continuously in the Shorts player.

To watch Shorts on the YouTube app:

  1. Open the YouTube app.
  2. Tap Shorts at the bottom of the screen.
Note: You may also see live streams when browsing Shorts.

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