Invite a guest to your live stream with Go Live Together

Eligible creators can invite a guest to live stream with them. Using a mobile phone to go live, your live stream feed will appear next to your guest’s.

You can schedule a live stream with a guest from your computer (via Live Control Room) and then go live from your mobile phone. Or you can go live immediately from your mobile phone.


Go Live Together with a guest

You can rotate guests on your live stream, though you can only have one guest appear on your live stream at a time. You can view the analytics for your live stream within YouTube Studio, but your guest cannot.

  1. Tap Create  and then Live.
  2. Tap Edit  to select your video and broadcast settings.
  3. Toggle on "Go Live Together" and then enter your metadata, tap Next.
  4. From “Invite a co-streamer,” choose an option to invite your guest:
    • Copy link: Copy the link and send it to your guest in a text message, email, or social platform of your choice.
    • Send invite link to co-streamer: Select your preferred messaging platform to send the invite link.
  5. Your guest can click the link and be sent to the waiting room.
  6. When you’re ready, tap Go Live.
  7. When your co-streamer joins the waiting room, you will see a notification. Select Add and then Go live to start your live stream.
  8. Your video will appear next to your guest and the default orientation will be vertical.
Note: You may invite anyone that has a YouTube channel to co-stream with you. You can rotate guests on your live stream, though you can only have one guest appear on your live stream at a time. You can view the Analytics for your live stream within YouTube Studio, but your guest cannot.

Join a stream as a guest

You can co-stream with someone else by being invited to join their live stream. Co-streaming with someone else can help you connect with a new audience on YouTube.

  1. Tap the invite link sent by the host live streamer from your mobile device. They may send it to you via email, text, or another messaging service.
  2. Select the channel that you’d like to go live with.
  3. Select Join when asked to join the waiting room.
  4. While you wait to go live, check your audio and video quality.
  5. When you see “You’re live,” you’re now co-streaming live on YouTube.

Frequently asked questions

Can ads show up on a Go Live Together stream, and does the host channel earn revenue?

Yes, both pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll shows up on Go Live Together streams and will be attributed to the host channel of the stream.

What happens if a guest violates a YouTube policy, for example, Community Guideline or copyright policy, during a live stream?

The host channel is responsible for the live content and should make sure that all guests and content will comply with our YouTube terms, including our Community Guidelines, copyright policy, and all other applicable policies. For instance, if a guest violates a Community Guideline on stream, the host channel will be responsible. Before going live, educate your co-streamer about what they can and cannot do. The host will have moderation tools available during the live stream and can remove the co-streamer at any time.

I created a link to invite a co-streamer. How can I reset it?

Create or edit a live stream and go to “Invite a co-streamer.” From the bottom, click Reset Link. The previous link will no longer let someone join your stream. Send the new link to your co-streamer.

I sent a link to invite a co-streamer but they can’t join. What should I do?

Sometimes certain messaging apps do not open the invite link correctly. In these cases, we recommend creators resend the link via email or text message. Find more info here.

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