Explore inspirational ideas on YouTube

To explore what your audience and viewers across YouTube are searching for, you can use the Inspiration tab in YouTube Analytics. The insights from the Inspiration tab can help you think of video ideas that viewers may want to watch.

View the Inspiration tab

YouTube Studio app for Android

  1. Open the YouTube Studio app .
  2. From the bottom Menu, tap Analytics .
  3. Tap the Inspiration tab.
  4. To get started, enter a search term in the search bar. To save a search term, tap Save .

After you've entered or tapped a search term, you can view viewer activity related to that topic:

  • Your audience activity: Shows how popular the topic is with your audience.
  • Searched by YouTube viewers: Shows popular searches made by viewers across YouTube for the topic.
  • Watched by YouTube viewers: Shows popular videos watched by viewers on YouTube about the topic.

What the Inspiration tab shows

Note: Currently, these insights are limited to certain countries and languages only. If there are no relevant videos at the moment, you might not see some of the sections.

Top searches

This card shows the top searches based on your audience and your saves over the past 28 days. Above some search terms, there's a label that says 'Content gap. '

Recent videos related to

This card shows videos related to topics that your audience watched over the past 28 days and your saved searches.

Content gaps for Shorts

This card shows content gaps where viewers may be looking for more relevant or higher-quality Shorts.

Learn about content gaps

A content gap happens when viewers can't find enough quality search results on YouTube for a specific search. You can use content gaps as inspiration to create content that doesn't exist or could be improved. 

A content gap can happen when:

  • Viewers can't find any results for their searches.
  • Viewers can't find an exact match for their searches.
  • Viewers can't find relevant videos for their searches – for example, the content is old or low quality.
To learn more about Search Insights on the computer, take a look at the following video from the YouTube Creators channel.

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