Ads aren't showing on my video

If you have submitted a video for monetization and do not yet see ads on it, please read through the following information.


  • A variety of factors, such as video performance, may affect review time. We may not be able to process every submission, but we continually monitor these factors and prioritize accordingly.
  • We may send you an email requesting more information and/or you may see a “!” notification in the Video Manager. As a result, ensure your Email Options are accurate.
  • Your video may be rejected for monetization if it doesn't meet our monetization criteria or if you haven't demonstrated commercial rights to the content in your video.
  • You will not be able to monetize any videos if you have been disabled for monetization.
  • Please note that repeated submission of ineligible videos and/or insufficient documentation may affect your ability to monetize videos in the future.



  • We currently do not serve ads on restricted content or videos with misleading or sensitive metadata.
  • Videos with third party claims, or videos that use content from YouTube video editor or AudioSwap are ineligible for monetization.
  • Ads may not show on your video if you have enabled ad-blocking software or add-ons and extensions on your browser.
  • Ads may not serve on each video view. To check your earnings, please refer to YouTube Analytics.


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