Understand changes to school accounts on YouTube

A Google Workspace for Education account is an email address given to you by your school. In this type of account, your school administrator manages your access to Google products like YouTube.

Starting September 1, if your school admin marks you under 18 years old, you will see changes to your school YouTube account. You will no longer see your YouTube channel tied to your school account. Also, you can no longer upload new videos to that channel. You will see a new limited version of YouTube designed for schools, which is automatically applied to students under 18. This change only impacts your YouTube experience on your school account. It does not change what you can see and do on YouTube while signed in to your personal account.

Account restrictions for users under 18

If you’re in a primary or secondary institution and marked under the age of 18 by your school administrator, you have restrictions on YouTube content and features when you’re signed in to your Google Workspace for Education account.

Here are some of the features that are not available, if your school admin has marked you as under 18 years old:


  • Live stream videos


  • Notifications (except personalized notifications with highlights of activity)
  • Comments
  • Live Chat
  • Create
  • Channel
  • Live stream
  • Posts
  • Public and unlisted playlist
  • Stories
  • Shorts
  • Video uploads


  • Channel memberships
  • Creator merchandise
  • Donations YouTube Giving
  • Movies & TV Shows
  • Super Chat & Super Stickers

YouTube Apps

  • YouTube Music
  • YouTube Studio
  • YouTube TV
  • YouTube VR


  • Cast on TV
  • Connected gaming accounts
  • Incognito
  • Personalized ads
  • Restricted Mode

Download and save your content & transfer your channel

If you’re over the age of 18:

  • Get in touch with your school admin:
    • Ask your school admin to mark your account as over 18.
  • After your admin has updated your settings:
    • Sign in to YouTube.
    • Go to create a channel, and complete the workflow. Your account will be made visible and you can continue creating videos on your school account’s YouTube channel.

If you’re under 18:

  • Use Google Takeout to download and save your videos and other data (like comments and search history) that you’ve created on YouTube.
    • If your account was created before Sept 2021, you will have until June 2022 to download your data via Google Takeout.
    • If your account was created after Sept 2021, you will have 60 days to download your data from the time your school administrator marks you as under 18.
      • Note: Google Takeout is available if your school administrator activates it for your account.
  • If your account was created before Sept 2021, you may also be eligible to transfer your channel.

Qualifications for channel transfer:

  • You must be the owner of the Google Account
  • You must be older than 13 or meet the minimum age requirement in your country/region
  • The account receiving the channel shouldn’t:
    • Be a Google Workspace or Brand Account
    • Already have a channel connected to it

If you’re eligible, transfer your channel:

  1. Sign in to YouTube.
  2. In the top right, click your profile picture .
  3. Click Settings .
  4. Click Advanced settings.
  5. Under Channel, it should say “Your channel was marked as an ‘under 18’ account by your school admin.”
  6. Click “Move your channel to another Google Account” and follow the instructions.

What happens after the transfer:

  • Your channel name and profile picture will update across YouTube
  • Your channel URL will remain the same
  • It may take up to 10 minutes for channel updates to complete

What doesn't transfer:

  • Comments and replies made by your channel
  • Community settings
  • Content purchases and other entitlements
  • Search & watch history
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