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The features described in this article are available only to partners who use YouTube's Content ID matching system.

You can find a complete list of videos you have claimed in the Claims section of the Content ID menu.

The claim list view contains important and useful information about the videos being claimed, including information about the claim status, match length (for audio, video, or melody match claims only), and information about the policy applied (monetize, track, or block) on a per territory basis.

Filter and search for claims

You can search for specific claims using keywords or use filters to view claims that match the selected attributes. Click the down arrow next to the search bar to view the full list of available filters, including new filter criteria like match duration, video length, has 3rd party claims, as well as more granular sub filters for inactive, disputed, and appealed claims.

Once you have selected the desired filter criteria, click Apply Filters to automatically adjust the list of claims to match those criteria. You can add additional filters as before by clicking on the arrow to open up the dialogue box or remove criteria by clicking on the x next to the condition to remove in the yellow banner above the results.

The search box also supports search modifiers as another means of returning a specific set of results, such as videoid:VIDEO_ID or channel:USERNAME to return claims on a specific video or channel. The available search modifiers are:

  • assetid: – claims for the specified asset
  • referenceid: – claims made based on the specified reference
  • userid: or @ – claimed videos uploaded by the specified user
  • video_id: – claims on the specified video
  • claim_id: – claims based on their claim ID

Exporting claims

To export a list of your claims, apply the desired filters and select Export as CSV on the bottom of the page. Once a CSV file is generated, it will be shown as available for download, which you can do by clicking the blue Download button to the right. To generate a new list, apply different filter criteria and export again. Export to CSV supports a maximum of 2M entries.

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