Link channels to a content owner account

You can link multiple channels to your content owner account. Once you’ve linked a channel, you can control the monetization of the videos on that channel and the branding of the channel. Once a channel is linked, you should upload only content that you own into those channels.

You invite channels to join your content owner account. When the current channel owner accepts the invitation, the channel becomes linked to your account. You determine, as part of the terms of the invitation, whether the current owner can claim and monetize the channel’s videos. By default, the ability to claim videos is reserved for the content owner.

Not all channels are eligible to be linked to a content owner account. For example, you can’t link a channel that has been suspended or is linked to a terminated AdSense account.

To invite a channel to join your content owner account:

  1. Click Channel in the left-hand navigation pane of the Video Manager.

    An overview list of the currently linked channels appears.

  2. Click the Invite channel button.

  3. In the Channel names text box, enter the identifiers of the channels you want to invite.

    For non-Google+ identity channels, the identifier is the username; for Google+ identity channels, it is a unique alphanumeric string following the prefix UC. You can find the channel ID in the URL for the channel: or For more information on inviting Google+ identity channels, see this article.

    If you’re inviting multiple channels, separate them with a space or a new line.

  4. Specify whether to allow the owner of the linked channel to claim videos or view revenue for the channel.

    Linking a channel gives you, the content owner, the right to claim videos and apply monetization policies for that channel. The owner of the channel does not have the same rights by default.

    • Select the Monetize uploads check box to allow the owner of the linked channel to claim videos and apply usage policies to them.
    • Select the View revenue check box to allow the owner of the linked channel to see the revenue generated for the channel on the Earnings Report in YouTube Analytics.
    • Select the Set match policy check box to allow the owner of the linked channel to enable Content ID matches for the channel and specify the match policies. Note that you must select Web claiming in order for Set match policy to have any effect.
  5. Click Add to send the invitations.

    The owners of the invited channels receive an email message informing them about the invitation and a notification on their channel's Dashboard.

To view pending invitations, click Invited in the Channel section of the left-hand navigation. The list shows the date you sent the invitation. To revoke an invitation, click the check box next to the channel and click Revoke invitation.