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Use this article to stay up to date with all the latest YouTube Studio app updates. Learn about new updates for creator tools and features on your computer here.

Latest updates

Updates for this month. 

YouTube Analytics
  • Playlists analytics: You can now examine the performance of your content by comparing them by playlists. The playlist provides insights on the top-performing videos, audience information, and the revenue performance for each playlist. Learn more.
YouTube Studio
  • View your Artist Recap: Use your Artist Recap to celebrate milestones from throughout the year, and learn how fans engage with your music on YouTube. Then, share your accomplishments on social media using custom data cards. Learn more about your Artist Recap.
YouTube Studio
  • New payments info in Studio app: We’re introducing a new beta that brings payments info to the Earn tab of the YouTube Studio mobile app. Eligible creators can view their progress towards the next payment and their payment history. Learn more about the beta in our forum post.
YouTube Analytics
  • Metrics by content type: You can now view new and returning viewer analytics by content type to learn which form(s) of content they interact with on your channel. Learn more.
YouTube Studio

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Previous updates

Updates from the past 6 months

July 2023

  • Expansion of channel permissions: Permission users can take actions for your channel directly on YouTube in addition to YouTube Studio. Now, delegate users with manager or editor access can create a Short, add a post, manage a playlist, or comment on any YouTube video as the owner. Learn more.

June 2023

YouTube Analytics
New shopping affiliate metrics in Studio: Within the Revenue tab on a computer or mobile device, you can now find more shopping affiliate data under “Affiliate.” These new metrics will give insight into your estimated revenue, total sales, number of orders, and overall product performance. Learn more.
New ‘Viewers across formats’ card in YouTube Analytics: In the Content tab in YouTube Analytics, you can now see if & how many of your returning viewers watch more than one format and how big the overlap is. This is available for Videos, Shorts, and Live. Learn more.

May 2023

  • New copyright info in the YouTube Studio app: You can now view details about Content ID claims and copyright strikes impacting your videos in the YouTube Studio app. You can also mute the copyrighted audio segment or submit a dispute.

April 2023

  • New podcast metrics in Studio Mobile: We recently added podcast analytics in Studio Mobile. Podcast analytics provide show-level data like an overview of your podcast's performance, audience demographics and audience retention, and revenue data. Learn more.

March 2023

  • Channel permissions available in YouTube Studio app: Creators can now manage their delegates via channel permissions in the YouTube Studio app. Delegates can now take actions in Studio on a computer, in the Studio app, or in the YouTube app. Learn more.

February 2023

  • New Shorts metrics in YouTube Analytics: We recently added the “Shown in feed” and “Viewed (vs. swiped away)” Shorts metrics in the YouTube Studio app. These metrics show the number of times that viewers started to watch your Shorts and how many times viewers viewed your Shorts versus swiped away. Learn more.

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