YouTube Operations Guide

Paid Features Report

The Paid features report includes revenue from YouTube transactions including Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships. 

The Paid features report is available daily, weekly and monthly in YouTube Studio Content Manager. Learn how to download your reports in Studio Content Manager.

Report field descriptions

Field Description
Date The date of the transaction.
Purchase Type

If enabled, the type of transaction includes:

  • Super Chat purchases (SCT)
  • Memberships (SPT)
  • Super Stickers (SST)
  • BrandConnect (YTBC) 
Refund/Chargeback Transactions that were refunded or chargebacked due to a user request will appear as TRUE. Learn about YouTube’s refund policy
Country The two-character ISO country code for the territory where the transaction occurred.
Channel Name The name of the YouTube channel where the transaction occurred. 
Channel ID The unique ID of the channel where the transaction occurred. 
Video ID The ID of the video.
Status Change

This field indicates whether a user updated or unpaused their Membership. 

  • Update includes scenarios where a user upgrades to a higher tier membership or downgrades to a lower tier. 
  • Unpaused includes scenarios where a user resumes membership  
Retail Price (USD) The price charged to the end user. 
Total Tax (USD) The total indirect taxes (e.g. value-added tax / sales tax) deducted from your transaction revenue. Tax rates vary by country and by state. 
Partner Earnings Fraction The percentage of the transaction after YouTube’s contractual revenue share is deducted.
Earnings (USD) Your total revenue you’ll receive from paid feature transactions after taxes, Apple service fees and YouTube’s revenue share are deducted.
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