Turn captions on and off

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Captions are only available on videos where the owner has added them, and on certain videos where YouTube automatically provides them.

If a video has captions, you can turn them on by clicking the captions icon at the bottom of the video. Depending on your location, the captions icon will look like one of the following: or

To turn them off, click the captions icon, then Turn Captions Off.

Select caption language

Choose different caption languages by clicking the captions icon. If the language you’d like isn’t there, you may want to try auto-translated captions, which uses Google Translate to translate the captions.

Here’s how to enable auto-translated captions:

  1. Click on the captions icon at the bottom of the video
  2. Click Options
  3. Click Translate Captions
  4. Click to select a language
  5. Click OK

Change default settings for captions

Here’s how to always show or hide captions by default if they're available:

  1. Go to your Account Settings page
  2. Select Playback from the left-hand menu
  3. Check or uncheck Always show captions
    (Check Show automatic captions by speech recognition (when available) to enable automatic captions for videos that don't already have captions provided)
  4. Click Save

View captions transcript

For videos with captions provided by the owner, you have the option to view the full captions transcript, and jump to specific parts of the video.

Here’s how to open this interactive transcript option:

  1. Click More underneath the player.
  2. Select the transcript icon . As you watch the video, the transcript will scroll to show you the current caption text.
  3. Click on any line of caption text to jump to that part of the video.
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