Editing contact details

You can change or add details about your contacts.

Some contact entries contain information from multiple sources: information that you added manually, information that Contacts joined from duplicate contacts in different accounts, and so on. When you edit a contact entry, the information from each source is grouped in its own labeled section.

If you find duplicate entries in Contacts, you can join them into a single entry. If you that find information from unrelated contacts that were joined in error, you can separate them.

Changes that you make to information from one source do not affect the information from other sources. For example, if you have information about a contact from a Google Account and an Exchange ActiveSync account and both are configured to sync contacts, edits to the information from the Google Account are synced to that account on the web, but the information from the Exchange ActiveSync account remains unchanged.

For more information about working with multiple accounts, see Accounts.

Edit contact details

  1. Open your contacts.

  2. Touch the contact you want to edit.

  3. Touch the Edit button at the top-right of the Application bar.

  4. Edit the contact information, using the same controls as when you create a contact.

  5. Touch Done.

Delete a contact

  1. Open your contacts.

  2. Touch the contact you want to delete.

  3. Touch the Menu button at the top-right of the Application bar and touch Delete contact.

    If you delete a contact from Google Contacts (or another account with editable contacts), the contact is also deleted from Contacts on the web the next time you sync your tablet.

    You can’t delete contacts from a read-only account, such as a Skype or Twitter account. Instead, a dialog informs you that the contact will be hidden. To restore hidden contacts from a read-only account, you must delete that account from your tablet and then add it again.

    If the contact contains information from both editable accounts (such as Contacts) and from a read-only account, a dialog informs you that the information from the read-only account will be hidden, not deleted.

  4. Touch OK to confirm that you want to delete the contact.