Supported & unsupported features

Google Workspace to Google Workspace migration

Review the tables below for information on what features are supported and unsupported when running a Google Workspace to Google Workspace migration using Google Workspace Migrate.

Supported features

Gmail data Notes
  • Messages
  • Labels and label structure
  • Attachments
  • Filters and blocked addresses
  • Email delegation
  • POP & IMAP settings
Google Workspace Migrate skips messages in Trash and Spam.
Signature Google Workspace Migrate migrates the default signature for the primary Gmail account. 
Stars Google Workspace Migrate migrates stars but only the default star color and shape.
Forwarding settings

External domain forwarding is not supported. Review also Email forwarding.

Drive attachments and hyperlinks Google Workspace Migrate doesn't alter Drive attachments and hyperlinks in messages during a migration. They continue to link to the original content. 
Scheduled send status Google Workspace Migrate migrates the message, but you must reschedule it manually. 


Google Calendar data Notes

Primary and secondary calendars

  • Calendar events
  • Recurring calendar events
  • Calendar event attachments
  • Google Workspace Migrate migrates events even if the creator or organizer of the event is outside of your organization.
  • External domain aliases aren't supported.
  • If the Drive item is also migrated, Google Workspace Migrate reattaches the item to the event.
Calendar permissions Google Workspace Migrate migrates permissions to share calendars with users, groups, organizations, and the public.
Calendar resources You must manually re-create calendar resources or import them in bulk to the target account. You can migrate the resources' calendars and event associations if they’re correctly mapped. For details, go to Create & manage a mapping


Google Drive data Notes
  • Drive folder structures
  • Permissions
  • Orphaned Drive files
  • Non-Drive platform-specific files and file versions (.docx, .pdf, and so on)


Drive platform-specific files and comments

Supported Drive platform-specific files are:

  • Google Docs
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Slides
  • Google Forms
  • Google Drawings
  • Jamboard

Review also Google Forms response sheets and Comments in Google Docs files.

Drive folder and file metadata Google Workspace Migrate preserves the modified date and last modified user metadata for folders, files, and versions.
Drive sharing for external users Review also Internal content shared with users outside your organization.
Externally-owned files Review also Externally owned Drive files that have been shared with internal users.
Shared drives Review also Mapping shared drives.


Google Contacts data Notes
  • Personal contacts
  • Contact groups


Google Groups data Notes


You must create Groups in the target account first. Groups aren’t automatically created by the migration process. 
Members Google Workspace Migrate migrates roles, but skips subscription preferences.
  • Group description
  • Who can see group
  • Who can join group
  • Who can post
  • Who can view conversations
  • Who can view members

Google Workspace Migrate skips other settings, including member privacy, posting policies, email options, and member moderation.

For details, go to Update group details


Google Tasks data Notes
  • Tasks
  • Lists
If you specify to migrate tasks in the settings template, Google Workspace Migrate migrates Tasks as part of Gmail data. Review also Migrate Mail content.
Recurring Tasks Google Workspace Migrate migrates only the primary recurring task.

Not supported

  • Calendar
  • Classroom
  • Contacts—Stars
  • Currents
  • Drive:
    • Platform-specific file revisions
    • Migration from shared drives to My Drive
    • Drive stars
    • Links within Drive files
    • Files and folders in Trash
    • Folder colors
    • Shared drive background images
    • Descriptions attached to files and folders
    • Custom application properties
    • Drive shortcuts
  • Gmail:
    • Send as settings
    • Snooze status
    • Signatures from non-primary Gmail addresses
    • Migration to Google Groups
  • Google Chat—Chat contacts and history
  • Google Groups
    • Group email history and archive
    • Member subscription preferences, pending members, and ban status
    • Migration from Gmail
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Keep
  • Google Sites
  • Google Vault
  • Google Workspace user license assignments
  • Third-party licenses


Watchpoints & best practices

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