Map roles from SharePoint to Google Workspace (Optional)

If you're migrating from OneDrive for Business, follow the instructions for SharePoint unless specified.

Create a roles mapping to map Microsoft SharePoint permission levels to user access levels in Google Drive. Use a roles mapping when you want extra control over how roles are mapped to Google Workspace, particularly if you created customized roles in SharePoint. Without a roles mapping, Google Workspace Migrate attempts to match an equivalent role in Google Workspace. For details on Drive roles, see Shared drives access levels.

To skip this step, go to Use a settings template.

Step 1: Create a CSV file

Create the mapping in a spreadsheet program with one entry per line. Headers are not required. In the first column, enter the SharePoint permission level. In the second column, enter the Drive user access level. 

Save the spreadsheet as a CSV file. Make sure the character encoding of the CSV file is set to UTF-8. 

Roles mapping CSV file

Step 2: Add the mapping

  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click New ""and thenOther mapping.
  2. Enter a name for the mapping.
  3. Under Type, click the Down arrow ""and thenRoles.
  4. Click Upload CSV file to upload a CSV file or drag a file to the box.
  5. Click Create.

You'll be able to select the mapping when creating a bridge.

Update or delete a mapping

Add entries to a mapping
  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click Mappings.
  2. In the Other mappings section, point to the roles mapping name and click Entries "".
  3. Click Add ""and thenAdd entries manually.

    Tip: If you have multiple updates, click Upload CSV file or drag a file to the box and click Import.

  4. Enter a source value and target value. If you want to add another value, click Add "" and enter the new value. 
  5. After you enter all values, click Add.
Delete a mapping entry
  1. Point to the mapping and click Entries "".
  2. Next to the entry, check the box and click Delete ""and thenDelete.

Next step

Use a settings template

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