Get ready to go live

After you successfully migrate all of your phases, you’re almost ready to go live in your new Google Workspace domain. Before you complete your migration to Google Workspace, you need to migrate any recently added or modified content. You can transfer the new content by running a delta migration.

What is a delta migration?

A delta migration is run after the main migration, just before you’re ready to transition to Google Workspace. The delta identifies and migrates any new content and skips over objects that are already migrated. 

Running a delta on an existing bridge is more efficient than creating a new bridge. On a new bridge, Google Workspace Migrate reads every file to ensure it doesn’t create any duplicates. This creates significant load on target APIs and results in a slower migration.

A delta migration is also different from retrying failures, when Google Workspace Migrate reattempts to migrate items that didn’t migrate on a previous run. It doesn’t check for updates to the source data. Delta migrations include a step to retry failed transactions, so if you run a delta, you don’t need to also retry failures. For details, go to Retry failed transactions

Run a delta bridge

Make sure you use the same bridge for migrating data.

  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click Bridges. You might have to click Menu "" first.
  2. On a bridge that you have already run or partially run, click Run ""and thenRun delta.

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