Create & run a bridge

If you're migrating from OneDrive for Business, follow the instructions for SharePoint unless specified.

You use a bridge to migrate data from a source connection to your Google Workspace domain. You specify a source connection, target connection, settings template, and different types of mappings and lists to create a bridge.

Create a bridge

  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click New ""and thenBridge.
  2. Enter a name for the bridge.
  3. Complete the following information:
    1. Source connection
    2. Target connection (Google Workspace service account connection)
    3. Settings template (default or customized)
    4. Mapping
    5. Identity mapping
  4. (Optional) To add a roles mapping (SharePoint bridges) or sharding users list (SharePoint, file share, Google Workspace, and Box bridges), click More options and then, next to the option, click the Down arrow "" and select the mapping or list.
  5. Click Create.

Run a bridge & view its progress

  1. In the Google Workspace Migrate platform, click Bridges. You might have to click Menu "" first.
  2. (Optional) To edit the bridge, click Settings "".
  3. Click Run ""and thenRun.
  4. Click Bridges to view the progress of a bridge in real time.

    You can see the amount of data migrated (in bytes or MB) and the number of these types of transactions:

    • Completed
    • Warning
    • Failed
    • Skipped
    • Crawled

Modify what you see in a bridge

You can use filters to modify what you see when a bridge is running or completed. 

  1. Click Bridges. You might have to click Menu "" first.
  2. Click any available filters (details below), complete the required fields, then click Apply.
    • State—Filters by the state of a migration. 
    • Source type—Filters by the type of source connection. 
    • Name—Filters by bridge name. 
    • Source connection name—Filters by the name of the source connection. 
    • Target connection name—Filters by name of the target connection. 
    • Started—Filters by the start date of the migration.
    • Completed—Filters by the completion date of the migration.
  3. (Optional) To reset a filter, click Remove "" next to the filter. To reset all filters, click Reset.

Retry failed transactions (Optional)

After you have run the bridge, you might see some failed transactions. If you have resolved the issues that caused the failures (or the issue was temporary), you can retry the failed transactions. When retrying failures, Google Workspace Migrate reattempts to migrate items that didn’t migrate on a previous run. It doesn’t check for updates to the source data. It’s a useful first step when locating missing data, because it's quicker than running a bridge or a delta migration. 

  1. Click Bridges. You might have to click Menu "" first.
  2. Point to the bridge you want to retry and click More ""and thenRetry failures "".

The bridge attempts to migrate the failed items.

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