(Optional) Set up a calendar resource migration

If you need to migrate calendar resources from Microsoft Exchange using Google Workspace Migrate, you can use an identity mapping or a mapping (or a combination). Read about the options and steps, detailed below.  

Before you begin

  1. Ensure that you create the calendar resources in Google Calendar. For details, go to Create buildings, features & Calendar resources.
  2. Review the following watchpoints:

Option 1: Use a mapping

Select this option to migrate all calendar events and resources attached to a resource calendar. 

  1. Create a mapping. For details, go to Create & manage a mapping.
  2. When you create the mapping, in the:
    • Source ExchangeUser column—Add the email address of the source calendar resource. 
    • Source ExchangeService column—Enter Calendar.
    • Target GCalendarResource column—Add the email address of the target calendar resource. 
  3. In the settings template:
    • For Migrate Exchange data, uncheck all boxes except Migrate calendars.
    • Make sure the Add events to resource calendars box is checked.
  4. Run 2 bridges—one for users and one for calendar resources.

    Important: To avoid duplicating data, use the same project for both bridges. 

Example mapping:

Option 2: Use an identity mapping

Select this option if you want to migrate calendar events and resources that are associated with the event organizer. If you aren’t migrating all organizers at once, you must also use option 1 to migrate any remaining calendar resources. 

  1. Create an identity mapping. For details, go to Create & manage an identity mapping.
  2. In the identity mapping, include all source and target email addresses for users and calendar resources.

    Important: Include all identities in the identity mapping, even if you don’t plan on migrating all data at once. 

  3. In the settings template, make sure the Add events to resource calendars box is checked.

    Note: If you’re migrating only a subset of organizers and plan to also use option 1 (above), you can leave this box unchecked. 

  4. Run a bridge.

    Google Workspace Migrate creates events on the resource calendar when the organizer’s events are migrated.

Example identity mapping:

Next step

Set up or select a settings template

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