Understand users' collaboration in G Suite

With Work Insights, you can see how much users are collaborating in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. After you deploy G Suite, it's important to understand how the apps are changing the way teams work together. For example, are they using Google Docs instead of sending file attachments through email? 

Step 1: See how well users are collaborating in G Suite

  1. From the Work Insights dashboard, in the left menu, click the Collaboration category.
  2. In team filter at the upper-right corner of the page, select a team. For details, see Filter Work Insights data by team.
  3. (Optional) In the time filter at upper-right corner of the page, select a different time range.
  4. Find the chart "How are users collaborating on Docs, Sheets, and Slides?"

    This chart shows you the percentage users who are collaborating using different G Suite files. With this information, you can get an idea of how many users are continuing to collaborate in traditional ways.

  5. Use the team filter to see if there are any teams that aren't collaborating in G Suite.
  6. Find the chart "What are the collaboration trends?"

    This chart shows you how many files users are collaborating on over time. You can also see the average number of files they read, edited, and commented on.

Step 2: Address collaboration problems

If some teams aren't collaborating as others, or if their level of collaboration is decreasing, consider sending communications to address the problems:

  • If users were previously trained in using G Suite to collaborate, remind them of the benefits of their G Suite apps. For example, you can send them weekly emails with tips on using G Suite.
  • If new users haven't yet been trained in using G Suite, provide users with self-directed training or classroom training based on their level of expertise.